I take classes, I take classes,
I fail even at passing notes to cute girls,
I do not think they’ll put me in their MASH.

96 proof on the board, I could be better
if we come on baby do the twist
and a splash of soda.

I should have been a million dreamed up butterflies
burning down the forest of bodhi trees.

Kevin Grijalva, from The Love Song of J. Alredo FlimFlam, featured in the upcoming issue 7 of N/A Literary Magazine

Kevin Grijalva has had work featured in Underwater New York, Red Skeleton, Radius, decomP magazinE, and elsewhere. He writes at thetargetbird.com

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“I don’t even exist here it’s
pretty transparent. On the hills we grow
sideways. We grow lanterns in the search
for dusk. I’ve been sitting in this bus station
watching the mountain turn pink behind
the Applebee’s…”
— Cynthia Spencer, from Still Life With Gas Station Food, featured in the upcoming Issue 7 of N/A Literary Magazine.

Cythia Spencer is a non-native.

Our contributing editor Elizabeth Kerper has a new poem up on Eclectica! Read it and weep (literally!).

I think about food more than I think
about the bearded stranger
I fucked.

I think I would have rather been in bed
fucking food, eating my dreams
of wanting, or writing

a poem that qualifies human loneliness—
I do not tell myself it’s healthier to measure

Clare Stuber, from Food Poem 1: In Dreams, featured in the upcoming Issue 7 of N/A Literary Magazine.

Clare Stuber is dead. But when she’s not, she is studying Creative Writing and Women’s & Gender Studies at DePaul, or looking for diamonds at the bottom of her gin and tonic. She has several different employers, including a University Writing Center, cool parents of neat kids, and a freelance cheesecake operation, run by Clare Stuber. Often, she hosts and performs at poetry readings in/around Chicago. Even more often, Clare is terrified of The Innernette and tries her best to open emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

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No Assholes contributor Russ Woods has just released a wonderful new book of poetry called Wolf Doctors. Add this to your Need to Read list!

…I was just a boy is all.

If slime is life what’s with all the dry in the hellscapes?

Do you think all those 90s toy company slimes

are coincidences?

Is drool a dominate form of communication or

are the teeth the gateways of the slime kingdom?

Who’s really on the leash and who’s really pulling who?

Who’s in my underwear all day


Russell Jaffe, from an new poem featured in the upcoming issue 7 of N/A Literary Magazine

Russell Jaffe is the Co-Editor of Strange Cage (strangecage.org), a chapbook poetry press, and MC/coordinator of its reading series. He is the author of one poetry collection, This Super Doom I Aver (Poets Democracy, ’13), and the chapbooks DOOM’D (zones 1 + 2) (Strange Cage, ’12), (accompanied by pushpins and balloons) (The Red Ceilings, ’11), LITEROAST (Counterexample, ’09), and NOTE/WORTHY (Scantily Clad Press, ’08). His poems have appeared in The Colorado Review, [PANK], H_NGM_N, DIAGRAM, La Petite Zine, American Letters & Commentary, and others. He collects 8-tracks. Get at him at russelljaffeusa.com

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“I’ve given him two babies; one born a bird,
the other stillborn. We keep both on the dinner table.
He reminds me he is an animal. But I remind him,
“So are your children.””

Vanessa Borjon, from Animals I, featured in the upcoming Issue 7 of N/A Literary Magazine

Vanessa Borjon, born in 1992, is a poetry student based out of Chicago
where she is currently studying at Columbia College Chicago. She is a
libra and lover of all things sincere.

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Isabella J. Rotman
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